Around The Temple

Shri Madan Mohan ji Temple

Madan Mohan, another name for Lord Krishna is a very well celebrated temple in Karauli. The erstwhile kings of the region considered it to be very lucky and is known to have blessed many warriors with victories in the battlefield. One can see intricately carved idols of Lord Krishna and his consort Radha there. The ambience is ancient and the architecture reflects the medieval age using the Karauli stone.

Bhanwar Vilas Palace

Originally built as the royal residence by Maharaja Ganesh Pal DeoBahadur in the year 1938, Bhanwar Vilas Palace is now partially turned into a heritage hotel for guests to stay and be a part of a special royal experience. The structure flaunts a colonial style of architecture and the spacious interiors are furnished with antique furniture.

Kailadevi Sanctuary

Covered in rich and dense forests, the Kaila Devi Sanctuary begins right after the Kaila Devi Temple and extends on both the sides of the road to eventually join the Ranthambore National Park. This green reserve is home to some great natural treasures like the chinkaras, nilgai, jackals and leaopards. Along with the wide variety of wildlife, one can also spot rare birds like sandpipers and kingfishers.

City Palace

Built in the fourteenth century, the monumental City Palace was originally built by Arjun Pal. The structure that one can see now is erected by Raja Gopal Singh in the eighteenth century. This antique building is treasure house of colonial architecture, stone carvings, lattice work windows and magnificent royal style of framework and frescoes. One can notice a hoard of colours in this beautiful palace. Shades of red, white and off-whites are the most common amongst all. However, what tops it all is the view from the terrace from where one can see the entire town laid out by the River Bhadrawati.

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