Bhent Prasad

The traditional offerings to Kailadevi Mata include Chunri (a red coloured drape), sarees, coconuts, silver, sindoor, green and red bangles, dry fruits, flowers etc. No sweets, sweet dishes, food stuffs etc. are allowed inside the Holy Temple and devotees should refrain from buying such offerings. 

Wheat offering that comes to the temple is collected and stored in godowns. It is then distributed to gaushalas run by the trust and used to feed pigeons. Wheat offering is made on Purnima, Amavasya, Holi and Diwali

The Shri Kailadevi Temple Trust is a non-profit organization and donations always help to create more and better facilities for all the visitors and are used in larger public interest.

Benefits of Kaila Devi Temple Prasad –

  • Abundance and wealth will come into the devotee’s life.
  • Bad effects of graha will be removed.
  • Business and career will prosper.
  • All kinds of positivity will be bestowed
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