Bhojan Vyavastha

We always try to provide every facility to our Pilgrims came for dharshan. In bhojan vyavastha we provides the Annapurna canteen and Bhandara facility near by the temple.

Raj Bhog Prasadam

Shri Kaila Devi Temple is a marble structure with a large courtyard of a checkered floor. In one place, there are a number of red flags planted by devotees. The Kaila Devi temple has a glorious past and with the blessings of Kaila Devi Ji herself and the prayers of her worshippers, it will have an equally great presence in the future.

Since 1432, Kaila Devi Mata and Chamunda Devi are offered Dal, Chawal, Kadhi, Sabji, Roti, Puri, Halwa, Kheer, Sweet Curd and two sweet Paan as it is believed that Kaila Mata and Chamunda Mata are fond of these. Kaila Devi Mata Ji is offered Halwa, Puri and Sabji and Chamunda Mata Ji is offered Dal, Chawal, Roti, Kheer and Kadhi in a silver thali. Then all of the Bhog is offered to Parvati Mata, Languria Ji and Ganesh Maharaj Ji in their small temples, which are a part of the Shri Kaila Devi Mandir. The Bhog is prepared by three pandits, residing at the temple, who take care to follow all the rules and regulations while preparing the bhog for Mata Ji. The bhog is offered to Kaila Devi Mata Ji and Chamunda Mata Ji all the year round between 11 a.m. to 11:45 a.m. This ritual is followed by combining the Mata Bhog and distributing it among all the devotees who visit the temple.

Now, Shri Kaila Devi Temple Trust also ensures the availability of the Raj Bhog (the bhog of Kaila Mata Ji and Chamunda Mata Ji) to all devotees in our Raj Bhog Prasadam. The Raj Bhog Prasadam ensures that all devotees who come to worship Kaila Mata Ji and Chamunda Mata Ji at Kaila Devi Town, have this delicious thali of Raj Bhog Prasadam. It will be available at the Raj Bhog Prasadam inside the temple premises.


Shri Kaila Devi Mandir Trust has a newly built structure in the temple premises ‘Havan Sthali’.
Havan is an ancient vedic fire ceremony. The temple provides a special place for the havans free of cost for the devotees. Anyone who is interested in organizing a havan at the ‘Havan Sthali’ can contact the Yatri Sahitya Kendra and book it for themselves. The temple does not charge any fees for that.
The ‘Havan Sthali’ is a beautiful closed structure built with white marble and has a seating of around 100 people at a time.

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