Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Practices

Spirituality goes hand in hand with environment consciousness and at the Kailadevi Temple we are deeply conscious of our responsibilities towards adopting sustainable and eco-friendly practices that benefit thesurrounding communities and environment.

To support water conservation in the region we have built over five‘check dams’ in the forest area that act as reservoirs for rainwater harvesting and supply water to communities in remote villages while also serving as watering holes for the local wildlife including deer and hyenas.

Effluent filtration plants have been installed at the bathing ghats so that the water used for bathing is cleaned before being released back into the river.

As part of our focus on clean energy, solar panels have been installed at eight points, and more will be installed as part of our upcoming projects. These take care of a significant portion of our electricity usage and have considerably reduced our carbon footprint.

Every year we conduct tree plantations in the forest during the monsoon, in which the staff at the temple and students and staff of the Kailadevi Senior Secondary School participate.

We have banned the use of plastic in all shops on the temple premises.

Our commitment to preserving the delicate ecological balance of the region is an innate part of our ethos.

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