Fairs & Festivals

The Kaila Devi Chaitra Mela is one of the best-known fairs of  Rajasthan. It starts from the 12th day of Chaitra Badi and continues for a fortnight, bringing the entire region alive with vivid colour and devotional fervour.

The fair has gained immense prominence with almost twenty lakhs devotees from different communities coming to pay obeisance to the goddess Kaila devi, with several traversing long distances while fasting!

Among the distinctive elements of the Kaila Devi fairs  are the kanak-dandoti, devotees who travel to the temple prostrating themselves at regular intervals along the way.

The fairs showcase the craftsmanship of numerous people, handcrafted wood, lacquer and metal products, tribal headgear, silver jewellery, mirror work, hand woven and embroidered textiles and much more. Cultural performances and wrestling displays by great pahalwans are also featured.