Heritage & Art

The Kailadevi temple is a significant cultural site and is a vast repository of artistic heritage owing to the maharajas of Karauli who were patrons of art and sculpture.

The temple has undertaken restoration of these paintings under the aegis of restoration expert Mr. Pankaj Sharma who has restored the wall paintings and frescoes to their original glory.

The terraces and chajjas of the temple have extensive gulkari and the walls of the upper floor have aaraish with exquisitely rendered depictions of the Devis- Kali Ma, Durga Ji and the Krishna-leelas. These paintings are fine examples of the Karauli School of art and date from the early 1700s during the reign of Maharaja Gopa Singh Ji.

The ground floors have two tibaris (a room with three walls) which feature portraits of the royal family of Karauli-in particular Maharaja Bhanwar Pal Ji, and Maharaja Bhom Pal ji in the Indo-European style. The ceiling is painted blue to resemble the sky, bordered by floating ribbons and flower bunches and depicts Apsaras with their wings aloft.

The Badi Dharamshala in the vicinity of the temple is almost completely covered with fine carvings of deities and of earlier rulers of Karauli, dating from the reigns of Maharaja Bhom Pal and Maharaja Bhanwar Pal. There is also a huge carved octagonal or ashtkon well, known as Durga Sagar which has carved panels of deities on the inside.

Art Gallery of Kailadevi Temple

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